I noticed Matt registered on the NURCAC website: http://www.nurcac.org I found the Ute R/C website from his profile. Your website looks great... I see that you are taking advantage of the RC Universe RSS feeds too. The format looks very similar to what we are doing on www.nurcac.org. ;)

Good luck with your club and website!



Dangit! Busted!

I admit it. I totally stole your RSS sidebar format because I thought it rocked. I went hunting for ways to get RSS feeds of various R/C forums, and you provided yours as an example on the www.rcuniverse.com thread related to RSS feeds.

You know, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

And hey, once we get our own private flying field finalized near Salt Lake (we've been using the Jordan Modelport as our club site for years), I'm going to want to pick your brain about how you set up your weather station. In my personal list of "things cooler than cool", your weather station feed is right ahead of "brushless motors" and just barely behind "Frank Sinatra".

The Ute R/C club has been around a long time, but we haven't taken advantage of the whole technology and web site thing much. I hope to alleviate that deficiency :)

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Hi Matt, that's great you

Hi Matt, that's great you are using the RSS feed... :) It's been nice on our site... makes it a little more dynamic.

The Weather Station was (and continues to be) a very fun project. It's been up and running for almost a year now. It's really nice to see what is going on out at the field before you make the trip out there.

I noticed you asked about the Q-500 races we are hosting at our field this year... anyone is welcome to come and fly. Last year was the first year in a long time that NURCAC has held Q-500 races. Spread the word and come on up for some racing. It was a lot of fun last year. Steve Jacobson has been working on improvements to the race lighting system. If we keep things going, it should get better and better. Here is the main discussion topic for the racing this year: http://www.nurcac.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=182 (as you already know...)


Northern Utah Radio Controlled Aircraft Club

Several pylon tourneys this year

Between UVA setting up a really heavy pylon schedule, and NURCAC doing
the same, looks like there will be a lot of inter-club pylon racing
going on this year!

I've never personally competed in one... I'm a sport flyer. But it
looks like this will be a very busy summer, and I've been very busy
updating our calendar with all the events I can find. I've only got the
first NURCAC Q500 up, but will be adding the others as the dates near.


Thanks for the link and comment!

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