UTE: Egg Drop

Apr 22 2006 11:00 am
Apr 22 2006 5:00 pm

Grantsville #2
(See "Flying Sites" list at http://uterc.org/node/84 for details)

This year's Egg Drop has been rescheduled. We have to move a shed for our flying site on the Saturday this was scheduled for, so we've pushed it back a week.

The Egg Drop is an annual tradition for the Ute R/C Club. Come join the fun and try to nail a target with your payload!

Rules for all Ute events:
1. All flyers will be required to show current AMA cards, and must have paid their 2006 Club dues. Guests from other clubs are welcome.
2. All non-flyers will set their transmitters in a secure area and not turned on while the fun fly event takes place.
3. Flyers will be required to state what channel they will be using during the event at the time of registration.


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