Flying Sites

This thread is for posting locations of flying sites in and around Salt Lake and Tooele Counties, including some nearby portions of Weber, Davis, and Utah counties if they are easily accessible from Salt Lake and Tooele. If possible, either provide a complete description (including directions, and if possible a Google Earth links), or provide a URL which gives all the relevant information.

Be aware that most of the flying sites along the Great Salt Lake are home to huge amounts of bugs at certain times of year. Bring bug repellent, particularly if you plan to fly there in late spring.

Our Charter Club Field

  • Ute R/C Association Club Field. Our club field is located between Salt Lake City and Tooele at Lake Point on the old Salt Pointe Property. It is only 15 minutes from the Salt Lake Airport. AMA(USA) or MAAC(Canada) required; please coordinate your visit using our club's forum. Restroom on-site with several restaurants, motels, and camping with hookups nearby. There is no flight ceiling or noise restriction (other than "be nice to your fellow flyer's ears"), but the runway is primitive and the field is impassable for some time after rain. Google Maps: Ute Airpark

Salt Lake County

  • Falcon Park, Sandy: This park is frequently used by IMSF for sub-2-meter glider and electric flight. Restrooms on-site. Google Maps Link: Falcon Park
  • Herriman Field is frequented regularly by electric pilots, the IMSF, and smaller glow aircraft. Be aware that it's a large public park that also serves as soccer fields; do your best to educate onlookers regarding your flight lines. Best times to fly at this park are usually Sunday and weekday mornings, as there are the fewest bystanders. Please bring a spotter with you to help enforce your flight line! Google Maps Link: Herriman Field
  • Kearns Field, located behind a school, is an ideal location for sailplanes. This is a sailplane-specific field; although small electrics can fly here, the neighbors complain about any loud aircraft. Google Maps Link: Kearns Field (we park along "Honeysuckle Way" in this map).
  • Point of the Mountain - North Side: The Point of the Mountain is the best-loved slope-soaring site in Utah. When the wind is from the north, use this side. Please exercise care, as full-scale sailplane and paragliding enthusiasts also use these slopes, and they have more at stake than R/C enthusiasts. Also see the Utah Silent Flyer directions. No facilities; open field. Google Maps Link: Point of the Mountain, North Side (Note: the field has been dramatically improved since the Google Maps photo was taken. RC flyers are asked to not fly from the grass when full-scale gliders are prepping or in the area; please go further west on the mountain to give them room to fly.)

Tooele County

  • Grantsville #2 (Mystway Model Airfield): This is our secondary flying site. It is a really big dry lake bed, and a popular weekend destination. No facilities; open field. The access road is often impassable in the spring; be aware of recent rain.Google Maps Link: Mystway Airfield (that little blue dot on the salt flat? That's a trash can someone set on the field years ago. Other than a channel board, there's little else to differentiate this from the surrounding salt flats. This is a HUGE flying site, appropriate for RC turbines.)
  • Grantsville Flats #1 (Burmester Model Airfield): It has an inconvenient access road which is impassable in the winter and spring, but is reasonably well-maintained and closer to Salt Lake City than Grantsville #2. No facilities; open field. Google Maps Link: Burmester Airfield (Note: At certain times of year, this is underwater, and the current Google Maps link makes it look like part of the lake, but it's not.
  • The abandoned Tooele City Municipal Airport. Very lightly flown. Be aware of noise ordinances (you can't be more than 68dB at the closest property line) and do not over-fly the houses on the east side of the field. This abandoned airport is about the same distance from Salt Lake as Grantsville #2, but there are abundant restaurants and restrooms within a very short drive. No facilities on-site; open field. Joggers and walkers will use the runway from time to time, so please fly safely and communicate with passers-by. Google Maps Link: Tooele City Municipal Airport. A sign saying "no motorized vehicles" was recently placed to discourage ATV riders and drag racers from using the field. Although the city council has given permission to fly from this field, that permission was circa 2004 and things may have changed. Note: This is NOT "Bolinder Field", the Tooele County Airport. Model aircraft are prohibited there. This is the abandoned city airport which was shut down in 1998, and is located very near downtown Tooele City.
    The city has now posted signs saying no motorized vehicles allowed. That means if you fly your model planes, you have to pack them in and out from the south end of the runway. If you park on the runway, you will get a ticket!

Davis County

  • The South Davis Aeromodelers field is a stretch of dry lake bed between Centerville and Farmington. Please be cautious flying here in early spring or after rainstorms, as the lake bed gets muddy and it is easy to sully the runways.
  • NURCAC Field is located west of Ogden, UT. It is a gated, locked field, but you're welcome to visit if you are an AMA member and coming to an event.

Utah County

  • Jordan River R/C Flying Field: Located in Saratoga Springs next to Utah Lake, this is a very popular flying spot, the home of the Utah Valley Aeromodelers.
  • US Synthetics Business Park is the home of the Utah Heli Association. It is an ideal field for flying helicopters, small & slow electrics, and other aircraft that can take off from grass fields or very small/narrow asphalt runways. The biggest flying day here is Saturday mornings around 9AM well into the afternoon in the spring & fall, and around 7AM to noon in the summer.
  • Point of the Mountain - South Side: The Point of the Mountain is a premier soaring site in Utah, widely loved by hang gliders, paragliders, and R/C Sailplane enthusiasts. When the wind is coming from the south, use this side; when from the North, try the other side. Please exercise care, as those flying full-scale aircraft have a lot more at stake than we do. Also see the Utah Silent Flyer directions
  • Lincoln Beach, on the south shore of Utah Lake near Spanish Fork, is home to the Ute's twice-annual Float Fly. It's open year-round, though, and is an excellent spot to maiden your floatplane before the event.

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