I've received enough questions at club meetings and via email that I decided it was time to make a sort of "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) regarding how to do things on the web site.

  • Q: I lost my password. How do I get it back?
  • A: Visit the Lost Password page, put in your User Name and your E-mail Address, then click the "E-mail new password" link. A replacement password will be sent to the email account with which you originally registered. If you have changed email addresses and have also forgotten your password, please contact one of the club leaders to have them notify the webmaster to make the change.

  • Q: How do create links, make text bold, and make lists and stuff?
  • A: We use BBCode here, rather than HTML. You can read all about how to do all kinds of nifty HTML-like things in BBCode at: http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/faq.php?mode=bbcode
  • Q: How do I post a photo?
  • A: 1.Make sure that your photo fits the size limits on this web site. We don't accept photos larger than 800x600 pixels. You may need to use a photo-editing program to do this. 2. Ensure that your photo fits "normal" photo dimensions (4x3), so that it doesn't get scaled weirdly in the preview below the post. Normal dimensions are usually 160x120, 320x240, 640x480, and 800x600 pixels.
    3. Below the text-entry area for your post, click the "File Attachments" blue drop-down menu, click the "Browse" button, locate your photo using the Browse function, and after confirming it's correct in the "Attach new file" text field, click the "Attach" button. Your photo will upload.
    4. Click on the "list" option next to the attachment. This will make it show up in the list of attachments beneath your post. You can include the images in-line in your post using BBCode.
  • Q: How do I post a photo in a comment, rather than creating an entirely new thread?
  • A: At the moment, you can't. Just create a new forum topic if you want to post more photos. You can, however, use BBCode to include an image in-line in your post if it is already uploaded and you know the URL.
  • Q: Other clubs have a "hangar", photo gallery, or some kind of personal blog area where people post photos of all their birds. Where is ours?
  • A: I'm working on it. Right now, the only means we have of posting photos is to post forum entries, and follow the "File Attachments" procedure listed in "How do I post a photo?" to attach the photos to your forum posting.
  • Q: How do I browse the forums?
  • A: Click the "Forum" link (available in the upper right-hand corner of every page on this site), and then click on the name of the forum you wish to browse. You can also just type search terms into the search page to see if someone's discussing what you're looking for.
  • Q: The newsletters are trying to download to my machine in some weird format. Will you fix your web site so that it downloads them correctly?
  • A: This is almost certainly a browser-configuration issue on your computer. I suggest clearing out old cookies and file history, then trying again. As a last resort, if you don't have a handy technically-adept family member or neighbor, try using a browser such as Mozilla Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. IE just messes up in strange, unfixable ways sometimes.
  • Q: I want to fly with a particular member. Where is the member list?
  • A: We don't have one on the web site yet. When we do, it will be a list which only other members are allowed to see, due to privacy concerns. However, if the member you wish to contact privately has posted on the forums, you can simply click on their name, then click the "contact" tab to send them an email. You are limited to a maximum of 3 emails per day using this contact form.
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