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The Desert Wings airfield is a part of the Carbon County Fairgrounds.

If you are coming to Price via Highway 6, you should take exit # 240, and turn West onto Westwood Blvd. The road then curves right and wraps around the hospital, take a sharp left at the intersection to get on Fairgrounds Rd. Travel south on Fairgrounds Rd. until you reach a dirt road off to the right (West). You will be able to see the Desert Wings airfield sign here. As well as an orange windsock, that is the airfield. There are signs from this point on, and the airport is clearly visible. Take a left on the dirt road, then another right, and you're there.

If you are coming from the south via Highway 10, you can either

1. Turn left (west) on 1250 S, then take a right onto Fairground Rd and follow it up to the fairgrounds area.
2. Continue traveling on Highway 10 a short distance until you reach the ramp for highway 6, turn west onto highway 6, and follow the directions in the above section (taking exit 240, etc.) (This way would have the least amount of residential area to travel through, possibly being the fastest)
3. Continue into Price, turn left (west) onto 100 North, and just keep going until 100 North becomes Westwood Blvd. and follow the directions in the first section.


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