May 2008 Newsletter

Here it is:

Heads up! It's over 2 Meg.

Create Your Calendar!

As some of you know, creating calendar entries has never really worked right unless you had an Administrator account. I just identified the error in the source code, so from today on, anybody with "Ute Member" permissions can create and modify calendar entries. Secondly, permissions should be fixed so that all Ute Members and Ute Admins can view the "Utes Only" forum. There was a permissions error that prevented viewing for certain accounts. If this is not working for you, please send me a private message via this site, or email to . Finally, if you are a member of the club but cannot see the "Utes Only" forum, and cannot create calendar entries, please send me a private message or email so that I can modify your permissions to reflect that you are a member and should be allowed to participate.

Tomorrows Egg Drop is on....

The field is flyable so the egg drop is on for tomorrow at 10am. Bring your plane and a big appite and lets have some fun.
tkx Tom

April 2008 Newsletter

This month the newsletter is a bit short so you will spend less time reading and more time working on your planes!

Here it is:

Dixie Jet Rally - St. George

Here is the flyer for the Dixie Jet Rally.

It is may 2, 3, and 4th at the Remote Possibilities field.


Climb and Glide Fun Fly

The Climb and Glide is on for tomorrow ... See you there at 10am. Several of us went out to the field today and flew. It was a little damp but is sure to be dried out by tomorrow.. Come on out, fly and have an orginal Steve Burger..

Climb and Glide

Our climb and glide fun fly will be held next week March 22nd at 10am.

UTE: 2008 Expo and Warbirds Over Utah

Aug 16 2008 10:00 am
Aug 17 2008 7:00 pm

March 2008 Newsletter

Here is the March 2008 Newsletter:

RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TODAY! (Or this will be your last newsletter).

The March meeting should be a good one! See you there.

February 2008 Newsletter

Here is the February 2008 Newsletter - Get ready for the Falcon RC swap meet and the St. George Fun Fly!

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