Saturday Field Clean-up!!!

Bit – O – Help

Ute Club members,

As most of you know we have been waiting on a promise that we would have help in replacing the damaged culvert at the entrance to our flying site. Well, I received the following answer to my questioning as to when that was going to happen:

"Jeff (the man with the backhoe), went out to the property, inspected the culvert and reports that the culvert is adequate for what we are doing and it will not be replaced."

Well, I personally feel that the culvert, while being safe for cars, would not be safe for the heavy equipment that we want to get to the field to roll the surface and get it in better condition than it is currently.

Field Updates from a Weekend of Flight

Between Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I spent 8 hours out at the club field. Those of you who haven't flown at it lately, you are missing out! We have a clubhouse, toilet, really nice starter stands with aircraft restraining posts, pit-protection fence (man, I wish we'd had one of these out at Grantsville #2!), and as of Saturday, an AWNING for shade. Yep, props go to Steve Wilson for getting this baby set up. Easily 20 degrees cooler in the shade than out under the sun. That awning is going to be a popular spot on event days. I just hope it withstands the fierce wind you find in this location 2-3 times per year.

Asphalt Costs

Wade had a few supporting documents regarding the cost of asphalt for the field which he showed in the meeting on 2007-07-10. I'm posting them here for your information; see attachments.

Field Photos

Wade emailed me some aerial photos of the club field. I'm not certain who took them, although I think it was Dave S. Anyway, here they are! Click "read more" if you don't see click-able thumbnails of the photos below.

July 2007 Newsletter

Here it is. Packed full of what happened in June. What a busy month.

Great Job to everyone who helped make the float fly and the Electric Event so much fun!

Greetings as a new member

Greetings to all,

I recieved a very warm welcome at the Lake Pointe field last weekend. Thank you to Matt and the other great people present! I am looking forward to meeting many more club members at July's meeting. For those interested, my primary interest remains helis, but I have a lot of stick time on slope and thermal gliders. I still get a buzz searching and finding that perfect thermal. I am a long time subscriber to RCGroups and Helifreak (Username = giheli) but spend most of my time perusing the conversations on (Username = Brian Bennett). I have a pretty extensive gallery posted on the BBS. Please have a looksee!

Remember - Electric Event !

Remember the Electric Event this month:

See the flyer:


Proof of AMA is required.

June 2007 Newsletter

The June 2007 Newsletter is here.

Get ready for the Float Fly and the Electric Event.

Don't forget UVA's open house!

Burn again - Saturday the 26th

Sounds like we have another burn permit.

Saturday, May 26th.


Bring your planes because the pile is small and should burn fast.

IRCHA 2007 Southwest Fun Fly to be held at the Modelport!

It looks like the Utah Heli Association won the bid again this year to host the International Radio Control Helicopter Association 2007 Southwest Fun Fly. They held it last year, and the only real problem I was aware of is that the little RC field by the lake in Utah County just doesn't scale well to larger events.

IRCHA Southwest Regional FunFly - 3rd Annual: September 2007 (Exact Date TBD) - We are Hosting this event!!

Hi guys, IRCHA approved our proposal to host the IRCHA Southwest Funfly again this year. It will be bigger and better. We will be holding it at the SLC Modelport sometime in early September. This will be a great event for the club, so pitch in where you can. Gary Travis will be the event CD again, give him a thanks when you see him.

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