March 2008 Newsletter

Here is the March 2008 Newsletter:

RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TODAY! (Or this will be your last newsletter).

The March meeting should be a good one! See you there.

February 2008 Newsletter

Here is the February 2008 Newsletter - Get ready for the Falcon RC swap meet and the St. George Fun Fly!

UTE: All Electric Funfly 2008

Jun 14 2008 8:00 am
Jun 14 2008 6:00 pm

Green Gate at flying field:

There will be livestock grazing at the property again this year. That means we need to keep the second gate (Green gate) closed as we enter and leave the field. So please lock the gate behind you!
Tkx Tom

January 2008 Newsletter

Here is the January 2008 newsletter:

Loaded with a new year of great stuff.

December 2007 Newsletter

Here it is. A little short but packed with good stuff.

November Newsletter

Here is November 2007's newsletter:

October Newsletter

Here it is.

I included a few extra pages of photos showing the first six months of work on the new field.

Nab your 5Meg copy at:

UTE: Open House at Club Field - Flier

Here is the flier for the October Open House.

All Cub Fly-In: Grantsville 2

From The Dude:

[Update - Saturday 10/6/07]

Cub Fly Canceled!

The CUB Flyin scheduled for Sunday the 7th at Grantsville has been canceled!

A new date has been set for the CUB Flyin as Sunday the 14th.

A hot dry year ends with lots of cold and wet...

[UPDATE - Saturday 9/29/07 (now outdated)]
The rain and snow are pounding Grantsville #2. Tomorrow's Cub fly is postponed. Check back here for more info.

[Original message (now outdated)]

We are having an informal fly-in at Granstsville #2 on Sunday Sept 30. It's a Cub fly-in. Anything that looks like a cub is welcome...

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