December 2007 Newsletter

Here it is. A little short but packed with good stuff.

November Newsletter

Here is November 2007's newsletter:

October Newsletter

Here it is.

I included a few extra pages of photos showing the first six months of work on the new field.

Nab your 5Meg copy at:

UTE: Open House at Club Field - Flier

Here is the flier for the October Open House.

All Cub Fly-In: Grantsville 2

From The Dude:

[Update - Saturday 10/6/07]

Cub Fly Canceled!

The CUB Flyin scheduled for Sunday the 7th at Grantsville has been canceled!

A new date has been set for the CUB Flyin as Sunday the 14th.

A hot dry year ends with lots of cold and wet...

[UPDATE - Saturday 9/29/07 (now outdated)]
The rain and snow are pounding Grantsville #2. Tomorrow's Cub fly is postponed. Check back here for more info.

[Original message (now outdated)]

We are having an informal fly-in at Granstsville #2 on Sunday Sept 30. It's a Cub fly-in. Anything that looks like a cub is welcome...

September 2007 Newsletter

Warbirds/Expo, The field gets rolled, Float Fly about to happen...

Get it all here (at a whopping 5.4 Meg):

Roller Work Done!!! Okay to Fly!!! -- updated Saturday

[Saturday night]

Thanks to the guys that showed up this morning (Saturday), we have a pretty fine field.

We got all the manual work done in fine shape.

Warbirds/Expo Thanks From Wade

Forward from club president, Wade Joos:

Thanks to all those the stepped up and helped out this weekend at the Warbirds/Expo event! I know you all were hot, burned and wind blown. I wish there were a way we could predict the weather. Maybe the crowds were smaller than we wanted, and the flying was subdued due to the wind, but let me tell you that from what I saw it was in fact a very productive event. We have had more good comments, more people say they are going to join up and more people asking for more information and training than I have seen at any of the events in the past.

Warbirds/Expo Pictures

I took a whole bunch of pictures on Saturday and Sunday; here are a few of them that turned out well.

August Newsletter

More clean-ups - culvert fixed - field worked on with a tractor - and finally:

Warbirds/Expo Time!!!!

Upcoming events

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