SR201 Closed May 12

If you use SR201 there is a sign that says it's closed Saturday. Looks like it's closed before the I-80 cross-over so I'd just take I-80 back at I-215.

Fence project postponed

The fence project scheduled for Sunday May 6th is postponed due to bad weather.

Paul Bradshaw's 2007 "E-Power Setups That Work" document

Paul Bradshaw, local "big electric" airplane guru in the Salt Lake City area (but, unfortunately, not a Ute member), has updated his "E-Power Setups That Work" document for 2007. The text is below; I've also attached the doc file.

Paul has been flying electric for longer than I've been flying airplanes, and has an impressive amount of knowledge on the subject. His flights and outstanding birds are always a show-stopper, and it was talking to him and learning about his airplanes which really got me interested in electric-powered flight.

Newsletter - Special Edition

Here are some of the photo's Richard has been shooting but I'm to lazy to use. The are well worth a look. Thanks for your help Richard!

May 2007

Here is the May Newsletter -

Thanks to everyone for all their hard work over the last year. The field is getting better and better.

Field Clean-Up Day

Apr 28 2007 10:00 am
Apr 28 2007 1:00 pm

Bugs are out.!

Bring your bug repellent. No bugs Saturday at the fun fly but Sunday it was bug city. Lots of gnats and mosquitoes. I got two tiny bites. Mostly they were globbing onto my glasses making it hard to see.

Also, bring your cow repellent. They were on the field. They are not the least bit afraid of loud airplane engines :)

UTE: All Electric Funfly

Jun 23 2007 10:00 am
Jun 23 2007 3:00 pm

The Jordan River Modelport

Electric Event Info



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June 23rd at the Model Port - The Ute Electric Event!

Charge your batteries!

Download the flyer and learn all about it.

April 2007

Here is the April 2007 Newsletter (about 0.7M).

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