September 2007 Newsletter

Warbirds/Expo, The field gets rolled, Float Fly about to happen...

Get it all here (at a whopping 5.4 Meg):

Roller Work Done!!! Okay to Fly!!! -- updated Saturday

[Saturday night]

Thanks to the guys that showed up this morning (Saturday), we have a pretty fine field.

We got all the manual work done in fine shape.

Warbirds/Expo Thanks From Wade

Forward from club president, Wade Joos:

Thanks to all those the stepped up and helped out this weekend at the Warbirds/Expo event! I know you all were hot, burned and wind blown. I wish there were a way we could predict the weather. Maybe the crowds were smaller than we wanted, and the flying was subdued due to the wind, but let me tell you that from what I saw it was in fact a very productive event. We have had more good comments, more people say they are going to join up and more people asking for more information and training than I have seen at any of the events in the past.

Warbirds/Expo Pictures

I took a whole bunch of pictures on Saturday and Sunday; here are a few of them that turned out well.

August Newsletter

More clean-ups - culvert fixed - field worked on with a tractor - and finally:

Warbirds/Expo Time!!!!

Warbirds - Ute Expo - Aug 18th and 19th - Updated Flier

There is an updated flier with more information about this fun-filled event. Grab you a copy:

Field construction party! Aug 4 !!!

We are going to have a tractor on the field on Saturday.

If you want to come and help out great!

If you want to come out and expect to fly – tough – there is probably going to be a tractor on the field most of the day.

We will be picking up the tractor at around 8:00. The fun will begin shortly after that.

October Event?

We don't seem to have an October fun-fly scheduled yet. Just a placeholder at Any ideas on what a good choice would be?

Saturday Field Clean-up!!!

Bit – O – Help

Ute Club members,

As most of you know we have been waiting on a promise that we would have help in replacing the damaged culvert at the entrance to our flying site. Well, I received the following answer to my questioning as to when that was going to happen:

"Jeff (the man with the backhoe), went out to the property, inspected the culvert and reports that the culvert is adequate for what we are doing and it will not be replaced."

Well, I personally feel that the culvert, while being safe for cars, would not be safe for the heavy equipment that we want to get to the field to roll the surface and get it in better condition than it is currently.

Field Updates from a Weekend of Flight

Between Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I spent 8 hours out at the club field. Those of you who haven't flown at it lately, you are missing out! We have a clubhouse, toilet, really nice starter stands with aircraft restraining posts, pit-protection fence (man, I wish we'd had one of these out at Grantsville #2!), and as of Saturday, an AWNING for shade. Yep, props go to Steve Wilson for getting this baby set up. Easily 20 degrees cooler in the shade than out under the sun. That awning is going to be a popular spot on event days. I just hope it withstands the fierce wind you find in this location 2-3 times per year.

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