Newsletter - Special Edition

Here are some of the photo's Richard has been shooting but I'm to lazy to use. The are well worth a look. Thanks for your help Richard!

May 2007

Here is the May Newsletter -

Thanks to everyone for all their hard work over the last year. The field is getting better and better.

Field Clean-Up Day

Apr 28 2007 9:00 am
Apr 28 2007 12:00 pm

Bugs are out.!

Bring your bug repellent. No bugs Saturday at the fun fly but Sunday it was bug city. Lots of gnats and mosquitoes. I got two tiny bites. Mostly they were globbing onto my glasses making it hard to see.

Also, bring your cow repellent. They were on the field. They are not the least bit afraid of loud airplane engines :)

UTE: All Electric Funfly

Jun 23 2007 9:00 am
Jun 23 2007 2:00 pm

The Jordan River Modelport

Electric Event Info



* Proof of current AMA is required *

June 23rd at the Model Port - The Ute Electric Event!

Charge your batteries!

Download the flyer and learn all about it.

April 2007

Here is the April 2007 Newsletter (about 0.7M).

Climb & Glide

Anybody else have as good a time at the climb & glide as I did? I think we know where the bar has been set for next year: A Jett .46 on the front of a .40-sized 3D aircraft results in 5+ minutes of glide time. I think that combo, based on the sheer height Scott got to alone, could eclipse some dedicated sailplanes unless they found good thermals.

Cool! Spools!

So I went flying down at the club field yesterday and found that large electrical spools -- helpful as a workbench for setting up your airplane -- arrived at some point. I decided to go ahead and roll all 5 over by the clubhouse and set them up so we have a clear indicator of where the pit is. I may not have given enough space for cars to turn around in, but I think it will do.

Anyway, I was excited they showed up. No more grubby knees! Woo Woo!

Too bad I'm dodging cow patties and tracks on the runway right now...

New Field Burn - Saturday March 10th


Saturday is the day you guys have all been waiting for!

We have a burn permit for this Saturday.

Dan wants us to burn all the piles at this time so we don’t have to worry about getting another permit.

So – the plan is to meet at the new field on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and we will start some really big fires.

Suggested equipment is, but not limited to:




Gloves and warm clothes

Last time, we learned that you need to have a way to change out of your work boots before you get back in your vehicles to go home, so for that reason, I would suggest bringing a plastic bag or two that you can put your dirty boots in after we are through so as to keep your vehicles clean.

Upcoming events

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