Burn, baby, burn!

From Wade:

Fellow Ute Pyromaniacs,

We are going out to start the first burn fire in the morning (Friday Jan 12th)

Sorry for the late/short notice, but this is what happened.

The land owners have a burn permit that is only good until Friday. The fire dept doesn’t want us to burn on Saturday for some reason, so we will try & see what happens.

Anybody that wants to join in the fun?

Meet us out there at 10 on Friday the 12th.



January 2007 Newsletter

Here is the January 2007 newsletter.

Topics include:

Christmas Party, January Freeze Fly.

It's 5 Meg. Let me know of that's a problem.

Jon B.

UVA Electric/Glow 1/2A Pylon Races: Get ready!

The Utah Valley Aeromodelers are pushing hard for more participation in their glow and electric 1/2A pylon race competitions this year. They just published a shopping list for what to get to put together your GWS electric warbird racer for this year's events. You just can't get into pylon racing cheaper and faster than a GWS warbird pylon event with UVA this year. Check them out, look at the racing schedule, and put together a bird or two to compete!

The basics:
* A GWS warbird (One of: P-51, Corsair, Me-109, Zero, or Spitfire)

Ute 2007 New Year's Fun Fly Flyer

Wow, I feel like the department of redundancy department...

Anyway, Wade just sent the 2007 New Year's Day Fun Fly Flyer to me to post on the web site. Download it while it's hot and paste it to your local hobby shop and hangout spot!

December 2006 Newsletter

The December newsletter is out. Download it here.
We've also updated the Field Rules.

Highlights include:

New Year's Day Fun Fly

Jan 1 2007 11:00 am
Jan 1 2007 2:00 pm

2007 Membership Application

We have a new application and renewal form for 2007. Dues now reflect club field maintenance costs, and the fact we hadn't updated dues for years. You can either mail or bring your completed form, fee, and field key (if you have one) to any club meeting.

UTE R/C Christmas Dinner

Dec 12 2006 7:00 pm
Dec 12 2006 10:00 pm

November 2006 Newsletter

Here's your November newsletter.

Hill AFB - Saturday Nov 4th

If you are looking for something fun and enriching to do this Saturday there is a "Honor the Veterans Pow Wow" taking place at the Hill Aerospace Museum. This is sponsored by the 75 ABW Special Observance Program and the American Indian/Alaskan Native Association. There are two sessions. The first begins at 11 and ends around 1:30 and the second is at 2:30 and will end around 5:00. I believe the cost to be around $5 per family.

Upcoming events

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