Heavy interest in the new field from Tooele County!

So folks,

I spoke with Bill down at R/C Evolution in Tooele regarding our new flying field. Tons of people drive past our field every day (about 30,000 vehicles or so), and seeing people flying has, according to Bill, generated a lot of interest. Because it's so close to a major intersection, lots of people are driving up to the gate when they see us flying there.

The part which confuses people is the locked gate.

Paul Bradshaw: E-Power Set-ups That Work

This is a copy-and-paste of Paul Bradshaw's famous "E-Power Set-ups That Work" document which he distributed at the 2006 electric fly-in. Many of you have seen Paul's awesome flyers out at Grantsville #2. Paul's an excellent flyer, and I still drool over his e-powered Hangar 9 Miss America!

Without further ado, here it is:

Field Cleanup: We have a front-end loader!

From Wade:

Thanks to all the guys that came out last Saturday to help clean up the field property. We made a very good impression with the land owners! I met with the owner this morning and went over what is left to be done.

He has agreed to supply a front end loader and an operator for this Saturday so that we can deal with some of the larger items. This is a very good thing, because it means we won't have to pay for the rental. Bottom line is that we should take advantage of this oportunity to use the equipment and operator.

Ute R/C Airpark, Lakepoint

Aerial photos of our site available at http://uterc.org/node/238 .

Ute Work Party

If you don't know where our field is, you take the Tooele exit off I-80, and take the very first right, which is an overpass that leads to an apparent dead-end, called "Hardy Road". If you reach the McDonald's, you've gone too far. It's right before the Chevron. The field isn't open for flying yet, even for club members (gotta clean the site and arrange for the locks), but if we work hard at it, we may be able to get it ready so that at the start of next flying season, it's available.

The following message is from Wade regarding this Saturday's field clean-up:

The Utes Only forum is now restricted

I just finished an upgrade which allows the Utes Only forum to be restricted to those who are members of the club.

If you are a Ute, have registered on this site, and do not have access to this forum, please send me a Private Message. Every user on this site can be sent private messages by those who have registered on the site (not anonymous users), and I'm no exception.

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UTE R/C Expo...

Here are the flyers for the UTE R/C expo August 19th.



The event starts at 9:00 AM, and parking is $5.00. Bring a carload of kids!

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Matt B. edit: Our chronology got weird around the start of the year, I'm trying to figure out when our newsletter dates became a month behind the date issued rather than the month of. Changed name to August newsletter...

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