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Reminder, UteRC 7-11 Fun Fly Contest Tomorrow, Sat. 8/11

Hi all,

Event reminder: The UteRC 7-11 Fun Fly Contest will be begin at 9 am
tomorrow, Saturday, Aug. 11th at the club's Lake Point field.

As I understand the "rules" you fly any plane you like, a helper takes
his turn with a pair of dice. If he rolls a 7, you start your engine
and take off. You fly until his turn with the dice comes up again and
he rolls an 11. Then you land as soon as you can. The shortest time in
the air determines the winner.

Reminder: UteRC Meeting Tomorrow 8/9, C-130 Show N Tell

Hi All,

Reminder: The August UteRC meeting is tomorrow evening, 8/9, at 7 pm
at the Heritage Center, 10 E. 6150 S. in Murray.

Gerhard Roos, our Safety Coordinator, is planning on presenting his
Favorite Airplane, the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, a plane he was
familiar with during his military duty in South Africa.


Casualty at UTE RC Airpark.

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Fwd: Cub




Fwd: Fwd: Safety first


More new photos have been posted on the UteRC website

New photos have been posted on the UteRC website

Hi All,

Photos from late June and Early July have been posted on the UteRC website.

Here are the titles and links:

2018-06-14 UteRC Meeting

2018-06-16 UteRC Egg Drop Contest

2018-07-12 UteRC Meeting

2018-07-14 UteRC Mystery Fly Contest

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Please let me know if you spot any errors in the captions.

Ed Stimpson


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Club Meeting, Fuel Order

Our club meeting is quickly approaching. We will be holding our egg drop on Saturday 16th please feel free to bring any egg drop device ideas or comments to share to our meeting on the 14th. We have only had a few club members sign up to do a club fuel order if you are interested please contact a club officer to get on the list so we can get the best deal we can.


Members going to the float fly here is a link for a map. Hope to see you



UteRC mailing list


Hi guys,

We had a good turn-out at our last club meeting, Everyone there got new
keys for the gates and charging shack. Those of you that were not at the
meeting will have to contact me to make arrangements to exchange your
old key for a new one. I will have them with me at the float fly and
again at the next club meeting.

I can be reached on my home phone (yes I still have one) 801-965-8630 
or my cell phone 801-230-3800.

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Ute RC New Keys & Club Fuel Order

We will be changing the locks to the club field on Friday May 11, 2018. Come to the club meeting to exchange your current key for a key that will work with the locks at the field after that day.

We will also have details and be taking information to get an order together for club fuel.

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