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Website is back up!

Ute Modelers,

Please note that the club website is back up and running.

Thanks Matt, for applying the needed updates to keep the website secure and
at its best!

- Aaron G.

I've got a couple of fixer-up planes for a great price. -- FREE

Hey Gang,

I'm cleaning up the old workshop and I've got a few planes that need a little TLC that I haven't gotten to and probably never will.

They are:
Avatar - Needs a new nose, but the rest of it is in great shape.
J3 Cub .40 size (70 4-stroke) 83" wing. Needs some nose work. Includes new cowl.
Ace SeaMaster. Needs a wing. I've got plans or you can cut foam wing. I'll bet Ray Jones would help you with that.

Like I said. They're FREE. And they come with servos and stuff.


Here is some additional information about this Saturday's Float Fly. We will be holding this falls Float Fly at Echo Reservoir located just out of Coalville. Just get on I 80 east to the Coalville exit and follow the road to the north end of town. There will be a $10.00 entrance fee to the beach. Gate opens at 8AM, we will be serving lunch but remember this is a pot luck, so please bring a food item such as Chips, Soda, dessert etc.

Should be a beautiful day so we hope to see you there.

Tkx Tom

Float Fly coming up this weekend.

This year we are going to try something different. With the low water level and algae bloom we are going to try out a new location.

We will be holding the float fly at ECHO reservoir. There is a $10.00 fee for entrance into to the park. Aaron checked it out and said it is very nice and should be a good place to fly. So please keep your calendar open for Sat. Sept 10th. More info at the club meeting on Thursday.

Tkx Tom

Uterc site temporarily down

Dear UteRC members,

Out of an abundance of caution to prevent the proliferation of recent,
sophisticated botnet attacks leveraging Drupal-based web sites like ours, I
have taken our web site down to upgrade to a newer version. Since the
version we were using has been receiving security-only "long-term support"
updates for some time and is now no longer supported, it might be a little
more work than usual for me to bring it back on a newer version.

I should have things back up & running within 24 hours.

Fw: Emailing: !cid_D6456669-521F-49DC-B1A9-AF1ECE513412 (3).jpg

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Modelport Aerial Photos

These were shared at the club meeting last night and they are now posted to
the club website. There's still plenty of work to be done, but at least
some progress has been made at the modelport. Check out the photos here:

Aaron G.

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August Club Meeting

Please join us for our August Ute RC club meeting on Thursday at 7pm in the
Murray Heritage Center. We'll be discussing the new field lease terms
proposed by the property owner, which are: $2000 per year beginning this
September, and increasing 3% per year thereafter, making the lease payment
$2609.55 in 10 years. We will also be discussing the upcoming float fly
and a possible change of venue due to the recent health concerns with algae
blooms, and low water levels. Please bring your suggestions for possible
float flying sites.
Aaron G.

Fwd: Can some one identify this airplane?

More New photos posted on the website

Hi All,

Pictures from last Friday's and Saturday's club events have been
posted on the club web site.

Here are the links:

2016-07-29 UteRC Dawn Patrol:

2016-07-29 UteRC Tony's Raptor 30:

2016-07-30 UteRC Swizzle Stick Build 1:

The Swizzle Stick link has been changed from what was initially posted.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Ed Stimpson
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