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The club clothing purchase order is finished and I have picked it up. I
will bring all orders for the members that have ordered to the next club
meeting. PLEASE come to the meeting and get your order so I do not have
to keep hauling them around. Anyone that would like to come to my house
and pick it up are welcome to do so. Just give me a call on my cell
phone (801-230-3800) to setup a time.

More new photos have been posted on the website

Hi all,

Photos from the June 10th UteRC Fun Fly Egg Drop Contest have been
posted on the UteRC website.

Here is the title and link:

2017-06-10 UteRC Fun Fly Egg Drop Contest

I hope you enjoy the pictures and captions.

Ed Stimpson
UteRC mailing list



Just thought I would give you all a update on the Salt Lake Model Port.
The City has been at work and graded and put down new gravel all around
the heli pad, parking lot, and also down the road. (no big dips or
holes). They have put in (2) new gate openings in the fence by the
parking lot and (1) in the fence by the heli pad. There are now (2)
chain link safety fences 4' high on the flight line. They still need to
put in fill and do a 20' run-out on the west side of the runway. Also
they said they would mow the tall grass but I don't know when that will



On behalf of THE UTE RC ASSOC MEMBERS, AS TREASURE, I want to thank you
for donating merchandise that Jan Hyde sold for you at the Ogden rc swap
meet. The proceeds you donated to the UTE RC club ($118.00) and are
greatly appreciated. At our last club meeting I told the members about
your gift.

Thanks again

Keith Hiatt
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AJCarlson planes.

I am bringing a few of AJ planes to the meeting tonight if you would be interested in purchasing any of them

These are ones I am bringing.

E-Flite Eratix -3D $70.00

Balsa USA Scapper $40.00

Balsa USA Enforcer $40.00

Blade 400 Electric Helicopter $100.00

Bob Martin -Talon $30.00

Top Flite Curtis-P40 Control Line $20.00

Morris Hobbies Tom Hawk $40.00

Sig Courgar $50.00


Dick Osborn


Third Annual Vintage R/C Festival July 29, 2017

Could you please pass this e-mail and attached flier on to your Club mailing list and any others you think might be interested in attending.

Third annual Vintage R/C Festival July 29, 2017

This is a fun gathering of modelers that still like to build models the old fashioned way, with bits of balsa. It is held under the auspices of the Vintage R/C Society, and hosted by the Cedar City R/C Club, and the Iron Mountain Vintage Fliers.

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UTE Airpark Field Maintenance...

This is to acknowledge, honor, thank and pat on the back a number of club members who willfully performed maintenance on the club field at Lake Point during the past two weeks.


Hi ute's,

A lot of members have asked me for a roster of our current members. So
here it is, if you are not on the list you have not joined the club for
2017. Those that have not rejoined and are planing not to will need to
turn in their gate key to one of the officers so we can give them to
new members.


Keith Hiatt


members cards

I have the following "UTE RC CLUB CARDS" and they can be picked up at
any club meeting:

Jon Bertrand, Allen Carter, Robert Clark, Cam Greener, Wade Joos, Pat &
Gage KIllion, Mike McDaniel,Robert Reiner, Jerry Shelledy, Dave Stack,
Steve Terry, Mario Valencia.

If you have any questions or want somone else to pick up your card
please call me.


Keith Hiatt

Sec/Treas, UTE RC

UteRC mailing list

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