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Falcon R/C Club Annual Swap Meet....

The Annual Falcon Swap Meet is scheduled for March 31, Easter weekend this year. Details forthcoming.

Info provided by Falcon R/C member Mike Hibbetts 29 January 2018.

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Jan and Stormy Mitsui....

Jan Hyde and Stormy Mitsui flying on newly laid roads for the yet to be
constructed Industrial Complex west of the SLC International Airport in the
mid 1970s.

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2018 Freeze Fly / Club Meeting

Happy New Year Everyone

Tomorrow 1 January 2018 at 9 a.m. we will have a bunch of our club coming together at the SLC Modelport to start the year with a "freeze fly" with coffee, hot chocolate, chili, etc. Join VP Steve Wilson & Sec/Treasurer Keith Hiatt for the first event of our 2018 Flying year.

2018 club dues

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the club dues are due in January at the first club
meeting on the 11th.  Please fill out a application with all your info
so I can make sure everything is right on the club roster. So far we
have (8) members that have renewed for 2018. If you are not going to be
at the meeting please send app & dues to our PO BOX .

Also, some members  have asked me about the club field in Lake Point. 
Our lease is paid up till sept 14th, any change to the lease has to be
with a 60 day notice to the land owner.

: Eagles and Drones

Eagles and Drones

Where Eagles Dare: French military using winged warriors to hunt down rogue drones. This is amazing.

[]A golden eagle grabs a flying drone during a military training exercise at Mont-de-Marsan French Air Force base, Southwestern France.

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Temporary Flight Restriction for our area

There is a TFR for our area. Please do not fly until it has been lifted from the affected area.

Christmas party correction

To all members,

On my email about the party I said the club would pick up the ""tab""  
it should have said "TIP".



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Christmas dinner & freeze fly

Hi  everyone,

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. Just a reminder of the club
Christmas party /diner. As per the notice 0n our web site . this year
everyone voted to go to the Chuck-a-Rama in Draper @ 12344 so Minuteman
Dr. , Draper Utah. Thurs Dec 14th , 6:30 to 8:30pm

Please reserve this date as we have reserved a large room and need
everyone to try and come. Starts at 6:30pm till 8:30 pm. You pay for
your diner and the club will pick up the tab.

FREEZE FLY: The freeze fly will be on Monday Jan 1st 2018 at the new
model port. Starts at 9:00am - ?.

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Air Park Field Report...

UTE Air Park Field at Lake Point.
Thursday 23Nov2017 0800
No standing water, damp surface with typical 3-4 soft muddy spots. Flyable today with light electrics and minimal spot landing. Expect improvement tomorrow. The road in is very good.
Have a happy, thankful Thanksgiving!

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