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Those club members that have ordered fuel can pick it up at Evan
Higginsons house. Please give him a call before going over . his cell
phone number is 801-558-0035, or his home phone # 801-266-8010.. If you
have any questions you can call Keith Hiatt at 801-965-8630 or
801-230-3800. If you can't pick it up we will bring it to the next club


Keith Hiatt

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Rick Marshall's photos have been posted on the website

Hi all,

The photos Rick Marshall presented at the April 13th UteRC meeting of
his trip to England have been posted on the UteRC website.

Here is the title and link:

2016-09-12 Rick Marshall's visit to Duxford Aircraft Museum in England

Thank you Rick for sharing your adventure.

I hope you enjoy the new posting,

Ed Stimpson

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No club training at modelport this week

The club training at the modelport will not be held this week due to the

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Training at Modelport Friday 10am

Ute RC modelers,

We have confirmed that 15 to 20 students, ages 10 to 17 will be at the
modelport on Friday morning for flight training. If you are available to
help in some way, please join us as we introduce these young people to the
hobby. If you have an aircraft that is setup for buddy box training, please
bring it. We'll also need help with ground instruction, spotting, safety,
etc. If you have any aircraft that you would like to bring out to the field
to fly or just display, please do that also.

New Photos and a story have been posted on the website

Hi all,

New photos and a new story from the past have been posted on the website.

Here is the title and link:

2017-04-13 UteRC Meeting & Stories From The Past

Jan Hyde and I hope you enjoy the new posting,

Ed Stimpson
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Reports from Dennis Shiner, Mike McDaniel are that the field is tacky
with standing water in 2-3 spots. Parking lot with standing water and
muddy. Sunday maybe good for light planes and good spot landings, Monday
better for all types.

The rest of the week rain from Tues-Friday. No fly Sat-Sun till it
dries, maybe Monday.

Hope this helps everyone

Keith Hiatt Sec/treas

UteRC mailing list

schedule of events

Please send me a copy of the schedule that was shown at the last meeting. It
is not posted on the web site as I was told. I am especially interested in
the access to the church building for indoor flyers.



Reginald Welles

Advanced Training Systems LLC

9800 4th Street North, Suite 204

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

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Egg Drop Contest Postponed

Ute RC modelers,

We have received multiple reports that the club field is too wet from the
recent rainstorms to use for the egg drop contest tomorrow. Unfortunately
we must postpone tomorrow's fun fly event until further notice. We'll keep
an eye on the weather and conditions at the field and attempt to reschedule
if possible.

Aaron G.

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Club clothing and glow fuel order form

Ute RC Modelers,

Please use the order form at the location below to complete your clothing
and glow fuel orders if you have not already done so. Please return the
completed form and your payment to a club officer or mail to the club PO
box by the egg drop contest (April 22nd) for glow fuel, and the May club
meeting (May 11th) for clothing. (Please let us know if you are mailing it
so we can be sure to keep an eye out for it at the PO box.)

Aaron G.

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Deadlines for club clothing and glow fuel orders

Ute Modelers,

It was great to see so many of you at our meeting last night. As we
discussed then, we are setting the deadline for *glow fuel *orders as *Saturday
April 22nd*. That's the day of the egg drop, so bring your fuel payment to
the field with your egg dropper plane! We'll need your order and payment
by then or unfortunately you won't get fuel this time around.

Also, the *clothing* order and payment due date will be the night of the
May club meeting, *May 11th*.

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