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Elect Lawrence Tougas for AMA Executive Vice President

Remember this guy? Visited Salt Lake seven years ago while campaigning. Haven't seen or heard from him since.

He's campaigning Ad began with: "AMA has lost its way........"

I think he's lost his way.



I was at our field today and it is not flyable. Lots of standing water
and mud on field and parking area. Flying mabe on Thursday but more rain
is coming. I plan to fly at the new model port tomorrow. see you there.

Also a big thank you to Evan Higginsen, he spent his time and put
together the rest of the windsock and put it up at the model port with
help from other fliers that were there.

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Field Condition Report-Sep 25 2017 0800

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UTE Airpark Field Condition 23Sep2017...

Report thru Dennis Shiner: As of this AM 1000, the field is damp, no mud collected during walk-around, presently light aircraft flyable, Sunday should be better, Monday good for all aircraft depending no additional rain. None expected. Thank you Dennis!

Jan Hyde

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Our regular club meeting is tommorow. Come out and share your projects. We are preparing for our fall float fly. Please come sign up for the pot luck.

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Volt Checker...

This Lipo battery checker was found on a stanchion at the Airpark field last Friday AM. Undoubtedly it was left there Thursday the day before. It now resides on the bench inside of the shed awaiting its owner.

Jan Hyde


Photos have been added the recent Night Fly posting

Hi all,

Two additional photos by Gary Stam from the August 19th UteRC Special
Night Fly have been added to those originally posted.

Here is the title and link:

2017-08-19 UteRC Special Night Fly

Thank you, Gary, for providing the last images of Ray's Kadet before
its demise.

Ed Stimpson
UteRC mailing list

Reminder Night Fly tonight

Night Fliers,

Reminder, Special Night Fly tonight, Saturday, 8/19, at club field
beginning at dusk. Good weather, light wind predicted.

Ed Stimpson
UteRC mailing list

New photos have been posted on the UteRC website

Hi all,

Photos from the August 10th Meeting and the August 12th Warbird Expo
have been posted on the UteRC website.

Here are the titles and links:

2017-08-10 UteRC Meeting

2017-08-12 UteRC Warbird Expo

I hope you enjoy the pictures and captions. Please let me know if any
corrections should be made.

Ed Stimpson
UteRC mailing list

Special Night Fly, Saturday, Aug. 19th

Night Fliers,

A nearly New Moon will occur this coming Saturday, Aug. 19, 2 days
before the total eclipse of the Sun. Weather permitting, it will be an
ideal time to photograph your lighted planes against a pitch black sky.

At our last Night Fly, July 22nd, we quit too soon, the sky was not
yet pitch black. The little bit of remaining dusk light forced short
exposures which were not long enough for the plane to execute much of
a pattern.

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