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Fwd: Stop Utah Bill Harming Model Aviation

I just received the below message from the AMA. Please use the link to
visit the AMA website and submit a letter opposing these new restrictions
to our modeling activities.

Fw: Emailing: !cid_546023D7-6CDA-42F1-A3F3-FFD5342947C2 (3).jpg

Hello Pilots,

I am sending you this reminder about our Remote Possibilities President's Day Fly-In scheduled for Feb. 24th, 25th in Saint George, Utah

Hope to see you soon,

Chris Hill

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Due to the wet conditions this morning's fun fly is canceled. We'll let you
know if it will be rescheduled. Sorry! Gotta love spring time weather in
- Aaron G.

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Club Meeting Tonight! Drawing for Ultra Sport 40!

Hello Ute RC Modelers,

This is one more reminder that the February club meeting is tonight at 7.
Don't forget about the drawing for the new-in-box Ultra Sport 40 ARF. This
is the cool red one (Ute colors!) with panel lines. We will NOT be selling
raffle tickets for this. Instead, everyone at the club meeting who has
paid dues for the year will be entered to win. If you still need to renew
your membership, or sign up as a new member, please bring your dues to the
club meeting tonight.

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Newsletter February 2017

Here is the link to the February Newsletter

And here is the link to Ed's most recent pictures.

Moving to CA...

Dear club-mates,

Well, it's for real: I'm moving to the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Newsletter January 2017

Here is the link to the January 2017 Newsletter.

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Remote Possibilities Pres. Day Fly-In

UteRC Freeze Fly

Hi all,

Freeze Fly photos have been posted on the website. Here is the link:

2016-12-31 UteRC Freeze Fly Open House

Hope you enjoy them.

Ed Stimpson
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Freeze Fly - Tomorrow Morning

Please join us for the annual Ute RC Freeze Fly tomorrow morning at the new
modelport! It looks to be a brisk but calm day. I hope to see you all

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