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Christmas dinner & freeze fly

Hi  everyone,

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. Just a reminder of the club
Christmas party /diner. As per the notice 0n our web site . this year
everyone voted to go to the Chuck-a-Rama in Draper @ 12344 so Minuteman
Dr. , Draper Utah. Thurs Dec 14th , 6:30 to 8:30pm

Please reserve this date as we have reserved a large room and need
everyone to try and come. Starts at 6:30pm till 8:30 pm. You pay for
your diner and the club will pick up the tab.

FREEZE FLY: The freeze fly will be on Monday Jan 1st 2018 at the new
model port. Starts at 9:00am - ?.

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Air Park Field Report...

UTE Air Park Field at Lake Point.
Thursday 23Nov2017 0800
No standing water, damp surface with typical 3-4 soft muddy spots. Flyable today with light electrics and minimal spot landing. Expect improvement tomorrow. The road in is very good.
Have a happy, thankful Thanksgiving!

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Planetary Grand Tour

Viewing 60 Minutes a couple of Sunday's ago and the segment of Voyagers I and II, I recalled my meeting Gary Flandro at the old Salt Flat flying field in 1968. He was flying a beautifully built SE 5a Biplane. On a subsequent meeting of Gary in 1969 he mentioned that he was moving with his family to Pasadena, California to head up a group of scientists to accomplish a Planetary Grand Tour by way of sling shooting a satellite from planet to planet utilizing planetary gravity. And here was Gary Flandro flying a model air plane?

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October 30, 2017...

Ute Airpark Monday:

1. Today's flightline (7 cars. 10 pilots).
2. Students and instructor. L to R - Jeff, Bob(Instructor) and George
3. Students with instructor.
4. Dick Osborn with the Phaeton 90.
5. A lone VisionAir

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October Activities

Tonight is our regular club meeting. Please, bring your nominations for club officers for 2018-2019. On Saturday we will be having an open fun fly at the Salt Lake Modelport.

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Indoor Fly...

This evening I was notified by Club member Roger Kramer that commencing tomorrow Saturday, October 7, 2017, indoor flying will be available the first and third Saturday of every month through the fall and winter seasons until further notice.

LOCATION: Church, corner of 7000 South 3200 West, West Jordan, Utah

TIME: 0945 to 1200 Noon

Jan Hyde
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Elect Lawrence Tougas for AMA Executive Vice President

Remember this guy? Visited Salt Lake seven years ago while campaigning. Haven't seen or heard from him since.

He's campaigning Ad began with: "AMA has lost its way........"

I think he's lost his way.



I was at our field today and it is not flyable. Lots of standing water
and mud on field and parking area. Flying mabe on Thursday but more rain
is coming. I plan to fly at the new model port tomorrow. see you there.

Also a big thank you to Evan Higginsen, he spent his time and put
together the rest of the windsock and put it up at the model port with
help from other fliers that were there.

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Field Condition Report-Sep 25 2017 0800

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UTE Airpark Field Condition 23Sep2017...

Report thru Dennis Shiner: As of this AM 1000, the field is damp, no mud collected during walk-around, presently light aircraft flyable, Sunday should be better, Monday good for all aircraft depending no additional rain. None expected. Thank you Dennis!

Jan Hyde

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