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Flying at club field tomorrow (Friday) morning?

A visitor from out of town has contacted me and would like to fly at the
club field tomorrow morning. Is anyone planning to be there and willing to
escort this person at the club field? He is an AMA member from southern
Please let me know ASAP if you can fulfill this request.
Aaron G.

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BE IT KNOWN - Interesting Anniversary

> Subject: Fwd: Interesting Anniversary
>>>> Reflecting Pool takeoff, buzzing the Capitol and the 100th anniversary of the ‘mile-high club’
>>>> A floatplane takes off from the Reflecting Pool, headed directly toward the Lincoln Memorial in 1923.
>>>> (Library of Congress)
>>>> What is the best weather for a takeoff on the Reflecting Pool? Great question. A headwind is helpful for maximum lift, and calm water is necessary for a smooth takeoff. It also really helps if the weather cooperates as occurred back in 1923.

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Fwd: St George flyer

> FYI - Announcement From Remote Possibilities R/C Club thru Wade Joos and Jan Hyde

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August & September Newsletters 2016

Below are links for the August and September Newsletters.



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Fwd: A note about the upcoming AMA elections.

I'm forwarding this as a regular club member and fellow modeler, not as the
club president. Please don't think I'm trying to endorse any candidate in
an official capacity... Since I received my AMA election ballot in the
mail yesterday, I thought I'd share this with you so you were aware of at
least one other candidate.

- Aaron G.

The Four Forces of Flight

This plaque came to mind during Aaron's presentation at this months club meeting.

Espn2 drone racing

Starts tonight at 9 pm on ESPN 2

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Drone racing on espn2

I just heard on the radio that ESPN2 will be carrying drone racing starting tonight and I think it said for the next 10 weeks I didn't catch the time.  Del

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Echo Float Fly Photos have been posted on the Website

Hi All,

Keith Hiatt's photos from the Echo Float Fly have been posted on the website.

The title and link are:

2016-09-10 UteRC Echo Float Fly

Thanks go to Keith for taking the photos and providing caption
material for the posting. I couldn't have done it without those
captions Keith.

Hope you enjoy them.

Ed Stimpson

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How A Rogue 1950s Drone Fiasco Ended With 208 Rockets Fired At Southern California

How A Rogue 1950s Drone Fiasco Ended With 208 Rockets Fired At Southern California

These were actually used against Japanese shipping in the Pacific during WW2. They were packed with explosives and flown by radio control. They think that this may have been where the Japanese got the idea of the Kamikaze attacks against U.S. War Ships.

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