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R/C bungie launch

Hey, this is my first post here, but back to business, my JAFROTC unit has three bungie launch gliders and Ive been volunteered to repair the wings( to many building collisions), my instructor said we got them from some guy in Sandy, I was wondering if anyone had a way to contact this person?

UTE R/C Expo...

Here are the flyers for the UTE R/C expo August 19th.



The event starts at 9:00 AM, and parking is $5.00. Bring a carload of kids!

  • Download the Gray version of the flyer.
  • Download the Color version of the flyer.


Here's a flier on the NURAC Fun-Fly.



July Newsletter

Assistance in setup/tuning of a speed plane?

Any Utes who are experienced with high-speed aircraft? I'm about to come into possession of a Great Planes Patriot 40, and I've seen the thing fly. Compared to my electrics, it has some serious speed.

Any pilots who'd be willing to hit the field with me and give me some pointers prior to my "maiden" voyage, along with some coaching on my early flights? It's probably the fiftieth for the airframe, but for me it will both be an introduction to glow power on a new Tower Hobbies Pro .46 motor and something with a really high wing loading.

My experience has mostly been with smaller aircraft that mostly do around 40-50MPH.

Site downtime, Host problems

Our hosting provider has been having some hardware issues with the machine that hosts our web site. Sorry for the downtime; I'm working as much as I'm capable of to keep it running.

OS 40 LA won't transition well?

My flying buddy has been trying to get his OS 40 LA motor to transition properly. It seems to idle just fine, then when he advances to full throttle, it stutters and sometimes dies. It also does the same thing on the transition from full-throttle to idle: sometimes it dies just as it hits idle RPMs.

I'm hoping to convince him to loan me the motor so I can try to tune it. I'm fairly certain that it's just the low-end is a little too rich, and that with the help of a tach I could get his high-end running 300 RPM below full lean. He's probably getting fuel splashed on his glow plug.


How to drop an egg...

Several clubbies were surprised that my Slow Stick had enough power to lift a full egg and drop it. I have to admit... I kind of cheated :) That Slow Stick has an E-Flite brushed 480 motor and a 30-amp ESC on it, with a battery pack capable of putting out 25 amps continuous. I don't think most of us caught my drops, but I discovered that, with this power setup, the Slow Stick can actually HOVER! And pull out of the hover straight up!

That is, hover WITH the egg in the cup on-board :) It has unlimited vertical on a 12x6 prop and a 3S LiPo if there's no egg on board...

Anyway, since my Slow Stick is a rudder/elevator-only bird, I ended up doing a kind of half-loop to inverted, followed by a slight down-elevator push while inverted to try to make the egg fall out of the cup, then completion of the loop. My closest drop was about fifty feet from the pole.

Fun-Fly Crash Vid

OK, so I know that officially nobody likes to see crashes. When you think of all that money turning into firewood out on the grass, it's always disheartening. But the amazing thing to me is how many there are on this video. All at the same field, on the same day!

(What I see going on: long grass, wet field, high winds, and according to a guy who was there, a large building upwind which was causing turbulence. Oh, and the final ingredient? A few pilots who don't seem to know how to land or not take off facing the pits!)

Looking for flying site: Droubay Road

I've heard reports of a flying site in or near Tooele City off of "Droubay Road". I haven't yet found a flyer able to show me exactly where it is.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this location, please comment here. Also, if anybody has Tooele City weather stations they're aware of, I'd love to hear about them. Something with a "Raw" feed, like our #1 and #2 weather feeds on the right...

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